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For more info or questions cedar@ndsupernet.com or Call Tara 701-440-0207

As the saying goes anything is for sale for the right price, you will never know unless you ask!!! If something interests you don't hesitate to ask!!Even if it isn't on this page. You won't offend anybody. Please take the time to Meet The Herd!!!

Other Items we are offering for sale....

1999, white with teal and purple pinstripes, Peterbuilt 379, 63in stand up sleeper, series 60 detroit, 550 horse, 13 speed transmission, new steer axel tires, new clutch,

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Please Contact Kelly for more info on the trucks.. 701-440-1004.
Tara can be reached at 701-440-0207 if you have questions on the horses.

We are offering Dillon for sale on September 20th at Dickinson ND, in the Double J Horse Sale. Dillon is a 2002 buckskin gelding. We had bought him in hopes for Colton to use as a breakaway horse, but he was able to purchase a horse he has been wanting for a long time so we really have no need for him. Tucker has rode Dillon the most as a ranch horse. They are a great team. Dillon handles the badlands with ease and is trustworthy to send them out alone to get any job done. Dillon is sweet to have around. His ground manners can't be beat. He loves the boys and lets them do anything and everything to him. He loads, clips and very easy to catch. We feel his heart is more into ranching than roping... He loves trailing and sorting. He also is great for just riding out to check cattle too. Dillon does like to cough if he is on hay. For more info check out www.doublejhorsesales.com or call Tara 701-440-0207

Dillon's Video....
F O A L S 2 0 1 3

 We are very pleased to announce these foals. These are Major Peppy Moore's first crop of colts and we could not be any happier with them. They started out straight and muscled!! And they are maturing very nicely!!! We are working on weanning and haltering the colts.... We are excited to get our hands on theses babies, each one is very special in it's own way!!! They all survived haltering and weanning!!! We will be keeping these colts unless sold here at home.... We are all excited to see what the future holds for them.....

Flit + Peppy = Streak= http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/mpm+streak+ofthunder
Rosita + Peppy = Zoey=http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/mpm+smokin+zoey
Dash + Peppy = Rocket=http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/mpm+lilsmokin+rocket
Suzie + Hickota = Hickory=http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/qcs+fancy+hickory
Suzie + Hickota= Doc=http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/qcs+hes+dynamite
Flash Notice + Streaks of Cash = Jet- application pending
Credit Lucky + Streaks of Cash = Spice- application pending

I am offering some of the horse below for your consideration. We bred the mares this spring then we made Peppy a gelding.... yes you read right Peppy is now a gelding--- he runs with other geldings and mares. He has not acted naughty at all - but he never did before either..... I maybe willing to sell him too, we are open to options, with the boys taking lots on interest in the rodeo and needing performance horses I feel this is not the time for me to have a herd of horses, plus some of my mares are aging and are not breedable any more. So here is your chance to catch me at a weak moment... The boys plan to start riding the colts this winter lightly - increasing their prices.... There are also some pony projects they are working on ...

Thanks for taking the time to check out the For Sale Page, We also have lots of up coming horses that will be for sale on the Meet The Herd Page!!!
For more info Contact us @ cedar@ndsupernet.com or 701-279-6909
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